Wednesday, March 16, 2005

``Chandramukhi" in Istanbul

Prabhu, Ramji and Rajnikanth.

THE UNIT of the most expected film of the year — Sivaji Films "Chandramukhi" — has just returned from Istanbul, after shooting a song sequence there.

``When I came to know that Sivaji Productions was eager to film a song in an outdoor location I thought of different countries, which had not been visited by any film crew. We discussed various locations like Australia and Russia but it was Ram Kumar and director P. Vasu who selected Turkey as the location for the song `Koncha Neram Koncha Neram.' I was very happy that Travel Masters had a wonderful co-ordinator in Turkey who was more than willing to do the work for the shooting," said location designer Ramji of Travel Masters. The first spot the crew landed on was the famous Ephesus, one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World. They shot non-stop from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The next stop was Pammukkalle, where calcium deposits resemble heaps of ice. Hierapolis, city 2,500 years old, has a spa which is said to have medicinal properties. The big amphitheatre, which can accommodate nearly 15,000 people with a special box for the king and his family, was the location scene. The acoustics here is amazing — if one raises one's voice standing in the middle of the theatre it can be heard at the end.

Rajnikant and Nayantara in Turkey for "Chandramukhi."

Cappodoccia, referred to as the `moon face' is ten-hour drive from Hierapolis and is one of the loveliest places in Turkey. After Jesus Christ was crucified, his followers from Jerusalem and Rome are said to have come here and stayed. The carvings in the caves tell the story. After spending some time on shopping, the unit boarded the flight to Chennai via Dubai.

``The crew enjoyed the tour and it was a delight to have Rajnikanth with us, he cooperated so well. It was remarkable that the super star didn't throw his weight around," concluded Ramji.

The song, featuring Rajnikanth and Nayanthara has been rendered by Asha Bhosle and Madhu Balakrishnan. Music has been composed by Vidyasagar and the camera has been cranked by Sekhar Joseph. P. Vasu has directed the film.

Courtesy : The Hindu

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After a long gap the super star is acting again and Chandramukhi will surely bring success. one bad thing which is happening in tamil nadu is the group creating problem for the movie names. Actually Chandramukhi is a sanskrit word, it's not Hindi or any other language, what is wrong with the name. sanskrit belongs to the indians. all the languages in this world are derived from sanskrit. this is very stupid to fight over the names given to the movies. movies are for entertainment. there is so much to be done for the people of tamil nadu but instead they are fighting over names.this group is a nuisance. can someone stop this nonsence before people from the other part of the world laugh at the tamilians. India has started progressing pls ask this group to join those who are progressing and not waste time finding fault with others. Best of luck to all those in the Chandramukhi film unit.