Wednesday, September 28, 2005

'Chandramukhi' background score released as album

'Chandramukhi' made so much money and is set to make some more records as the background score is to hit the market soon as an album. It seems this is the first time in India that a film's background music is being brought out as an album.
With a full heart and full coffers, Ram Kumar of Sivaji Productions has decided on this novel venture.

There will be a grand celebration of Sivaji's birth anniversary and 'Chandramukhi' jubilee on Oct 1. So, the film's background music release took place today afternoon (Sept 27, 2005) at a function held at GRT Grand Days in T Nagar.


Producers Ram Kumar-Prabhu, director P Vasu and music composer Vidyasagar together released the album.

"Even before the start of the film, when Rajini sir asked me about the music, the name that first came to my mind was Vidyasagar. For a film, the story and dialogues form the body and music is the costume. Just like the dress is important to a body, music is important to a film," said P Vasu in a rather poetic fashion. One could see the happiness spread across Vidyasagar's face.

P.Vasu, Vidhyasagar, Prabhu

"Even I am astounded by the music in 'Chandramukhi.' This has been my career best. The people responsible for this are the producers, director and Rajini sir. I took about 31 days only to score the background music. About 80 artistes participated in the orchestra," said Vidyasagar about the hard work that went into the music composition.

Last to speak was Prabhu. "After my father's demise, I wanted to do another round of films. That was fulfilled by 'Chandramukhi.' I owe it all to my brother Ram Kumar, Rajini, Kamal and friend Vasu," said Prabhu emotionally and sincerely.

Ram Kumar reminded the journalists present to attend the 'Chandramukhi' celebration without fail and handed out the invitations.

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Collector�s item!

By Moviebuzz
Tuesday, 27 September , 2005, 17:41
After many, many years the original soundtrack of a film Chandramukhi was released in Chennai today by Sivaji Productions- Ramkumar and Prabhu in the presence of music director Vidyasagar and director P.Vasu.

The original soundtrack has all the punch lines, plus that famous “Lakka…Lakka…Lakkaa..” said by superstar Rajnikanth in the film. As a bonus, a VCD-'The making of Chandramukhi' is also given along with the original soundtrack.

Said Ramkumar: “There was tremendous pressure from the fans of the superstar to bring out this soundtrack of Chandramukhi. The proceedings from the CD sales will go towards the Sivaji-Prabhu Charities Trust.

AnAK audio the distributors of the audio CD say that it is going to be only limited edition and will be a collector’s item.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Chandramukhi Online Auction begins!

 Sivaji Productions and, in association with eBay, inaugurated their first ever online auction of the memorabilia of the latest super-hit, Chandramukhi. Sivaji Productions is well-known for their philanthropic activities and the proceeds from this auction will go to Sivaji charities which will, in turn, be donated to AWWA (Army War Widows Association) and to the Rotary Educational Charity for adopting a Government school. This record-breaking movie, another milestone in our Matinee idol Rajinikanth’s career, is still proving to be a distributor’s delight with house-full shows in both Tamil and Telugu.
Selected costumes and associated memorabilia of the film will be sold by online auction, which was inaugurated today (9th September, 2005) at South India Film Chamber in the presence of various dignitaries. These costumes come with certificates of authenticity signed by the Producers of this film.
Some of the articles that would be available for users worldwide to bid on would include:
a. Super Star Rajinikanth's Blue Kurtha in the Devuda Devuda song
b. Jothika's Chandramukhi Saree
c. The pretty peach saree worn by Nayanthara in Konja Neram song
d. Superstar’s Raja costume ornaments set
e. Ra Ra Jothika’s yellow saree
and many more... has created the website for the film Chandramukhi and also for the late legend Sivaji Ganesan, and are now associated with this pioneering event in alliance with, who handle the online auction. The successful bidders will have the opportunity of collecting the articles in person from the Chandramukhi stars themselves, at the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the film to be held at Chennai on 1st October, 2005. The auction, which promises to be an event of great magnitude and glory, was attended by vivacious screen idols like Ram Kumar, Producer and many others. This auction can well be called another important chapter in the history of Tamil Cinema, Sivaji Productions, and the superstar.
Spearheaded by and eBay with the unrelenting support of Sivaji Productions, this auction is held for a cause with the proceeds going to Sivaji Prabhu Charities Trust which will, in turn, be donated to AWWA (Army War Widows Association) and to the Rotary Educational Charity for adopting a Government school.
To bid for these unique pieces from Chandramukhi, please log on to, and look for the auction under Bollywood Memorabilia or under the user-name “galattaauctions”. The auction closes on 18th September, 2005, so hurry! is glad to be associated with Sivaji Productions in this noble endeavor.

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