Saturday, October 21, 2006

Japanese in Chennai to Watch Chandramukhi after 500 days run...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Chandramukhi 550th day celebrations under Rajini�s presence

Superstar Rajinikanth’s blockbuster Chandramukhi is racing for yet another milestone in the history of Tamil films. Yes... it is sprinting to the 550th day. Undoubtedly, this is an emphatic victory for any Tamil film. So, it does not come as a surprise when producer of the film Prabhu is keen to hold a function to celebrate its 550th day.
A mighty pleased man, Prabhu told the media that the details of the function would be finalized once when his elder brother Ramkumar returns from Mumbai.
The function would take place under the august presence and presidency of superstar Rajnikanth. Viewers can be assured that the celebration would be a star-studded extravaganza.

This film was released in Shanthi Theatre, Chennai along with other theatres in the city on April 14th 2005. It is still continuing its success streak in Shanthi theatre. Readers may be aware that this film was produced by Prabhu and Ramkumar and directed by P Vasu which ensured fresh lease of life to many artists in tinsel town.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Chandramukhi :Top 10 Films in 2005 (Malaysia)

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Chandramukhi to open IIFA film festival in Dubai

The event will be telecast on June 25 on Star Television
CHENNAI: "Repeat-uh!" is what they'll be crying this year at the 2006 International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Film Festival, in which superstar Rajinikanth leads the way.
Rajinikanth's Chandramukhi will open the festival at the IIFA Awards in Dubai, to be held from June 15 to 17. It earned over $2.5 million overseas, and has already been released in several countries.
This will be the first time that a south Indian film opens the festival in the seven years of the IIFA Awards, which has been a platform for promoting Hindi cinema globally.
On Thursday, the Taj Coromandel ballroom buzzed as the likes of Ramesh Sippy (of Sholay fame), actor Madhavan, producer of Chandramukhi Ram Kumar, and director of the film P. Vasu shared the podium at the IIFA press briefing.
Earlier, a casually dressed Abhishek Bachchan sauntered in, chatted with a few people and sauntered out again to catch up with Mani Ratnam on the sets of Guru, currently being shot in Chennai. The only sign that AB's Baby had been there was an autograph scrawled on an IIFA poster.
`It's party time'
Madhavan, looking fit and spiffy, expressed his delight at being part of the IIFA party. "It's hardcore party time for most of us actors," he said, beaming. The actor also added that this would be a good opportunity for more recognition to the "best technicians in this part of the world", a view seconded by Mr. Sippy, who is part of the IIFA Advisory Council.
Most of the films screened will be accompanied by an interaction of the audience with the cast or crew of the films.
Sabbas Joseph, Director of Wizcraft (organising body of the IIFA), announced that 14 south Indian films would be screened this year — seven Tamil, four Malayalam and three Telugu films.
He later told The Hindu that the film packages change according to the venue. "South Indian films already have an established presence in Dubai."
He also hinted that the IIFA Advisory Board (chaired by Amitabh Bachchan) is considering including awards for south Indian films in the coming years.
Besides Madhavan, other south Indian film stars who will be attending the event in Dubai include `Chiyaan' Vikram, Meera Jasmine and Mohanlal.
The event will be telecast on June 25 on Star Television. Mr. Joseph said that 450 million people around the world would watch it.
The Grammys have a viewership of 480 million and over 600 million people watch the Academy Awards.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rajini going to celebrate Chandramukhi 400 days with fans???

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Rajni's power is unabating

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Adding one more feather in its cap is Chandramukhi. The Rajini starrer directed by P Vasu and produced by Sivaji Productions successfully completed its 400th day run in Shanthi Theatres in Chennai.
Perhaps the only movie in the last five decades in Tamil film history to have seen a 400-day run, Chandramukhi seems to go strong even now.
According to the employees of Shanthi Theatre in Chennai where it completed its 400th day run, "We are not simply running the movie for a record. It still manages to draw a sizeable crowd. Such is the power of Rajinikanth. If we are not getting crowds why should we run the movie for such a long time."
Meanwhile Rajini's next Sivaji directed by Shankar is half-through and expectations are already high on the movie.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Chandramukhi 365th day celebrations at Shanthi Theatre!!

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There can be only one Superstar and he has proved himself again and again that in terms of mass appeal, he has no peer. When his detractors wrote him off after Baba, he rose like the proverbial Phoenix and challenged that Chandramukhi would erase all the bad memories. He kept his word and Chandramukhi became the thumping success which galvanized Tamil cinema back to good health. In this era of DVDs, when family outings to movie theatres have almost vanished, the film has been grossing record collections well past the silver jubilee. To express their happiness over the outcome, the LIC unit of Rajini fans? club organized a function at Shanthi Theatre.
The event had been entirely got up by the fans themselves after consulting Sathyanarayana, Secretary of the All India Association and Rajini?s man Friday who conveyed the green signal. They also sought permission from Ramkumar of Sivaji Productions. He agreed but could not attend the function as he is abroad. In his place, the managing partner of Sivaji Productions, Giri. Shanmugam attended.
Mr. Sridhar of LIC Unit Rajini Fans Club and Gurusrinivasan of Vaaniyambadi had taken the initiative and and the event was the result of their untiring efforts. The whole show was simple but striking. It was a spontaneous outpouring of affection for the star. Usually, the heroes prop up the events organized by their fan clubs in order to get mileage, but Rajini always insists that his fan clubs should contribute to social causes and does not like too much attention on himself. Yet, with a modest budget, this event celebrating the 365-day non-stop run of Chandramukhi had several aspects of a typical Rajini fan celebration.
The main guest was the young hero, Chithiram Pesuthadi Narain. He was quite awed by the fan frenzy for the Superstar. He was presented with a shield with the Superstar in a stylish pose with the caption ? One year. Narain said, ?Rajini is an inspiration to many of the younger generation like me. We have to learn a lot from him. My fervent wish is to meet him and seek his blessings. I am very thankful to the fans for inviting me to this joyous occasion?. Giri. Shanmugam was obviously pleased and said,? Chandramukhi has created a new benchmark for Tamil films which can be bettered only by another Rajini film. I am sure, Sivaji, will have a run for not just 365 but 730 days?. There was thunderous applause when he told this. Narain also felicitated Venugopal, the manager of Shanthi theatre.

The function was headed by N.Ramdas of All India Rajini Fans Association and other guests included D.Gurusrinivasan and Bhoominathan. The latter, who is the Secretary of Sivaji Fans Club proposed the vote of thanks.
There were plenty of festivities in the form of kolattam and other folk dances at the venue. A huge 10,000 wala was set off before the function started. Every time Rajini?s name was mentioned by a speaker there were whistles and claps which brought the roof down. Chosen songs from Rajini?s earlier films were played at the theatre and a special screening of the Chandramukhi with ?Repeat? songs has been planned for the day as well.

Earlier, five fans from Trichy had completed their journey by cycle from Trichy to Chennai for attending the function while 70 others from Trichy had come by a special bus. They were received by local fans with jubilation.
On the whole the event which lasted for about 100 minutes was a tribute not only to the enduring charisma of the man but also reinforced the belief that come what may, Rajini fans will always have a unique style of showing their respect and anbu for their thalaivar. May God give them many more opportunities to do this.