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Exclusive Interview with the ‘Chandramukhi’ Director P. Vasu

Exclusive Interview with the ‘Chandramukhi’ Director P. Vasu

- 23.10.2004

In this exclusive interview to Cinesouth, Director P.Vasu have shared
interesting informations about his mega venture ‘Chandramukhi’. Rajini’s
character, his ‘get up’, the places in which shooting is going to be held
etc…. The inauguration function, an event with lot of expectation all around
have taken place at Shivaji Ganesan’s house today (23-10-04 –morning. After
Pooja we asked  the Director about the film, Rajini’s character.

Excerpts of this interview-

Prabhu, Rajinikanth, Vasi

When is the shooting for ‘Chandramukhi’ going to start, and where?

Here , in this same place ( Shivaji’s house) the shooting is going to
start the day after tomorrow. After that the shooting will be conducted
without any break, excepting on festival days like Diwali; Christmas and
Pongal. We have planned to release the ‘Chandramukhi’ on April 14th 2005.

Usually, all Rajini’s movies will began at the Pillaiyar Temple in AVM
studio? Why the venue is changed this time?

For this film the shooting will begin in Shivaji’s house. This is also a
temple. Though we are beginning our shooting here, after this we planned to
shoot in other places only. For this we are searching for very big open

About is the character of Rajini, is this movie?

It is a character bubbling with enthusiasm mixed with comedy streak. Just
because the title of the movie ‘Chandramukhi’ is the name of a women,
somebody is asking, whether it would be women oriented subject, But movies,
like ‘Adimaippen’, ‘Mahadevi’, ‘Tillana Mohanambal’.. were having women’s
name as title. But Can anybody say the characters enacted MGR, Shivaji,
didn’t have the importance? same thing goes with Chandramukhi. Rajini
Character is blended with everything, fans are hoping for. The name of the
Rajini’s character in this film is Saravana.

Rajinikanth, Vasu

Who is going to the heroine?

I am sorry, I cannot say anything about this now. Only Rajini sir will
announce about that.

Is he going to act is different ‘getup’ in this movie?

His Hair-style will be same as ever. He will be as young as he was in
Rajathi Raja.


Who are all the others acting in this film?

Apart from Rajini Sir, Prabhu, Vijayakumar, Sheela, Malavika, Vadivelu,
and others. Vidyasagar is scoring the music. Sekar Joseph is in charge for
the Camera.

Will there be Punch Dialogues?

There will not be any punch dialogues, or dialogue with political intone.
This film will be true entertainer and feel free movie. That’s it.


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