Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Get Up of Rajini!

The latest information about Chandramuki is about the different 'get
up' of Rajini.

He is one among the very few actors, who don't change his get up
much. But all of a sudden, he acts few scenes in Chandramuki in a
different 'get up'. We can understand your eagerness to know more
about the get up in detail!

In the film Chandramuki, Rajini had returned to his old younger self
with the help of Make-up artiste from a foreign country. The costume
designer of Raniji is also a foreigner.

According to the story of Chandramuki, Rajini needs to appear in
different getups. So, they had tested many different get ups on
Rajini. He had okayed a particular getup.

A Small beard in the chin and 'kudumi' on the head, with old type
drama artiste's costume to go with. He didn't acted in this get up
so far in his films. Rajini had strictly given the instruction to
the film unit not to reveal this get up to the public through
magazine and dailies.

But we have given you the news in advance. Photos will follow very

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