Sunday, January 09, 2005

Disappearing Rajini; Terrified Vadivelu

Vadivelu is one hell of a lucky guy. From the day he started acting,
as a comedian there is no significant let up in his career so far.
Now he is acting with Rajini in 'Chandramuki'.

In the earlier film of Rajini 'Muthu' Vadivelu would come only in
three scenes. Even in those three scenes he was able to make his
presence felt. In one particular scene, Rajini would turn around and
look, and Vadivelu would just fell down and will ask is fear "Hey
what's happening?" - Rajini would answer coolly "I just turned and
looked" that's all", Vadivelu will shiver in fear.

The same kind of comedy is continuing in 'Chandramuki' also. For
example, Vadivelu will be riding a bicycle Rajini will be sitting in
the carrier seat, Vadivelu would ask him,

"What kind of film we are going to see now?" Rajini will answer
casually, "Ghost film". Vadivelu would object, "What, ghost film, I
don't like those films, let us go to some love or sentiment film or
else I will turn back now". He won't get any answer at all from the
back. "Hey, what yaar, I have been talking, but you are just sitting
there with out saying anything, what do I to understand from that?"

While he was telling this. Rajini will look out from a car coming in
the opposite direction and will call him " Hai Murugesa, where are
you going? Vadivelu would shudder with fear on seeing this. How come
a person who was sitting in the back seat can come in from the
opposite direction, that too in a car! He just turn around and will
rush towards the village in utter fear. Throughout the film, scenes
like this are strewn all around. You may be eager to know more about
such scenes, right? Please wait till the film hits the screens.

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