Friday, April 15, 2005

Return of the king

Superstar shows why he's the Lord of the ring.

Mass appeal: Rajinikanth fans pouring milk from the top of a banner at Udhayam theatre in Chennai on Thursday. Photo: K. Pichumani

CHENNAI : Only one man can, in a moment make you forget that you just spent Rs. 225 for a ticket to watch the first day, first show of his movie at a theatre where you have to share your seat with a bed-bug, a beetle and a colony of ants. This one man can, with his smile, put one on you with just a swish of his finger, and in his inimitable style. This man can, as is evident from the response in the halls on Friday, rise like a phoenix and return to the throne that he occupied not too long ago. But then, he's not just a `man.' When the alphabets S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R appeared on the screen after over three years, newspapers turned confetti, fingers turned whistles, fans turned dancers and Superstar Rajnikant turned demi-godThe last time this happened, `Padayappa' went on to rule for over 225 days. `Chandramukhi' started with a bang -- a Matrix style stunt sequence and fans went euphoric. The ecstasy continued when Superstar shook hip to `Devuda Devuda.' Soon Superstar's comic interludes with Vadivelu rocked the house. The excitement was infectious, as fans cheered, danced in the aisles and rushed towards the screen at every opportunity to shower it with confetti. This despite the fact that the film had absolutely no politically loaded statements or finger-gimmickry. Just subdued punchlines, a strong script cleverly adapted from `Manichitrathazhu' and Superstar at his vintage best.Superstar plays Saravanan, a psychiatrist who returns to India after a long stint in America, just in time to come to the aid of his best friend Senthil (Prabhu) when he moves into a mansion haunted by the ghost of a dancer Chandramukhi.




Rajini has proved to the cinema industry once again that he is the biggest crowd puller in india today. There is no body to compare now like him including Amitabh and Chiranjivi. Because he is being loved by more than 10 million not only as Hero but as a Demi-God.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen such a response in the history of Indian cinema. I saw CM in the US and the entire theatre rocked and rolled for every song and hell broke loose when Rajni marched forward in the introductory scene. In fact the theatre owner was saying he had never seen such a response in his career, for any other movie in the US and such excited fans.