Sunday, April 10, 2005

Chandramukhi tickets sold out within 30 mins!

The advance booking for
Rajnikanth’s Chandramukhi started today morning (April10) at 9 am all over
Tamilnadu. In Chennai the film is being screened at five theatre- Shanti,
Shantham, Abhirami, Bharat and Udayam.

According to Munikannaih of
Sathyam Cinemas: “We have sold out for the first week all 28 shows which has
never happened in the past. The pressure for tickets is enormous”.

Within minutes of the ticket
counter opening thousands of people had lined up to reserve their seats in
advance for the opening weekend. There were serpentine queues outside all the
five theatres. In front of Shanti theatre, the crowds were the maximum.

The ticket rates are Rs 80 and Rs
70, which is on the higher side but Rajni fans are not complaining. They say
it’s not as high as Baba rates.

Adds Abhirami Ramanathan:
“Rajnikanth’s draw has not diminished even a bit as proved by Chandramukhi
advance opening. Tickets have been sold out for a week in most centres within
few minutes after the counters opened. It’s awesome, it looks like the film is
already a hit! ”

Shanti theatre in Anna
Salai is owned by late Sivaji Ganesan. The producers Sivaji Productions have
renovated the theatre and Chandramukhi is the opening attraction. Here, producer
Ramkumar, son of Sivaji Ganesan kick-started ticket sales at 8.45 in the morning
with his son and actor Dushyanth manning the counters.

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