Wednesday, July 27, 2005

'Chandramukhi' makes records - special survey

90 theatres in Tamilnadu; 53 theatres in Andhra; A theatre each in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Singapore and South Africa; 9 theatres in Srilanka; 'Chandramukhi' celebrates 100 days in 156 theatres. 

Tamil cinema has not seen such a feat. Not only producer Shivaji Productions, but all those involved in the film including the popcorn vendor in the theatres have made money on 'Chandramukhi.'

This one film has grossed the amount that 40 films should. Rajini has clearly shown that those with superstar aspirations should stay a 50km away!


The amount of profit each one has made is of course astronomical. In Chennai Abhirami theatre, only the distributor's profit amounts to Rs.46, 43, 821.

Then imagine the profit made by the distributors in 156 theatres, and how much money the theatre owners would have made. It is better to have someone with you when you calculate, in case you faint with shock! 


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