Monday, February 28, 2005

The Hindu : Asha again

Vidyasagar scores again with his new album for the film "Chandramukhi", in which Asha Bhonsle sings a romantic number

`Konjam Neram' with Asha and Vidyasagar

VIDYASAGAR DOES it every time. He has once again come up with what is sure to be a winner, the music album for the film "Chandramukhi". The album is to be launched on March 5. Those who have heard a preview of the six songs say it felt as if they had gone on a musical odyssey. Every song sparkles and Vidya has managed to pull off a coup this time with Asha Bhonsle singing along with Madhu Balakrishnan, the up-and-coming playback singer.

The song is picturised on Raknikanth and Nayantara. The romantic melody goes like this — "Konjam Neram, Konjam Neram... "

Dream fulfilled

Says Vidyasagar, "It was an honour and a dream-come-true for me to record a song with Ashaji, that too in the most important film in my career. I am grateful to God, Rajni sir and Sivaji Productions."

The song starts on a reflective note but the tempo soon builds up. It was producer Ramkumar's idea to have Ashaji sing a song for "Chandramukhi". Says Asha: "My association with Sivaji Productions dates back to the late 1950s with "Amardeep", in which I sang three songs. When I got this invitation, I thought it was a great time to come to Chennai and catch up with old friends. I recorded this lovely song and later visited Kamala Ganesan and spent some time with her."

Appealing tracks

According to Vidyasagar, the "Chandramukhi" album has six songs that would appeal to every listener. Of the six, two are melodies, two are peppy, one is a folk number and the other, semi-classical. Rajnikanth was extremely happy with the songs and is said to have complimented Vidya.

Vidyasagar has chosen S. P. Balasubramaniam to sing for

Rajnikanth again after a long time, besides roping in singers such as Karthik, Tippu, Madhu Balakrishnan and a new singer Binni Balakrishnan for the semi-classical number.

Ashaji will be the chief guest at the function to launch the audio. At a time when the music market is dull, the "Chandramukhi" audio rights have been purchased at a record price and it is expected that more than a lakh audio will sell on the day of the launch!

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