Friday, February 11, 2005

Cinesouth : Chandramuki's Telugu version creates History

Rajini is one among very few actors who commands name and fame in other states also. If Kamal is famous in Kerala, so is Rajini is Andhra. His fame is no less than any other front line Telugu Heroes.

Director P. Vasu also had good name in the Telugu field. When he didn't have films to direct in Tamil, he moved over to Telugu field, and had given some hit movies. By doing this, he was able to keep his name in the list of 'hit' film directors. That name is paying dividends now.

'Chandramuki' had struck a biggest deal ever made in terms of trade than any other Tamil film so far. The amount of trade in Telugu alone is a whooping 30 crores. Audio rights are separate.

This trade had even stunned the front line heroes of Telugu film. This also made Income Tax department swung into action. They went to Rajini house to question Rajini in this regard.

But, the Chief Commission of that department Dr. Vinay Gupta refutes the information of raid in Rajini house.

"We wanted to question Rajinikanth about his Income Tax returns filed in the last 4 years. This questioning is an usual affair. This had no connection whatsoever with the film 'Chandramuki' in which he is acting now.

But one thing has become very clear. There is no pressure whatsoever either from state or Central governments in this regard.

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