Thursday, September 30, 2004

The making of a Rajnikant-starrer

RAJNIKANT WILL star in a Sivaji productions film, conceived as a golden jubilee special from a prestigious production house, which is credited with some of the most memorable Tamil movies.

The chain of events that led to the finalisation of plans by itself is a fascinating story. Scene 1: Last year, when Sivaji Ganesan's grandson Dhushyanth took to acting profession, he was taken to Rajnikant, who wished him all the best. That time Sivaji's son Ram Kumar told the superstar about his intention to commemorate their 50th year with pomp and show. Rajnikant wanted them to produce a good blockbuster movie.

Scene 2: Bangalore, where Rajnikant stays these days. The star is impressed with the Kannada film Aptha Mithra. It was actress Soundarya's last film and it was a box office hit. The film crossed the collection of Yajamana to become the biggest hit of the year. The film, with Vishnuvardhan in the lead, was directed by P.Vasu.

Scene 3: Chennai. Rajnikant calls up director P.Vasu to congratulate him on his wonderful film and appreciates his novel approach to the screenplay. Vasu says he has a new story to narrate. Rajnikanth listens to the story in detail.

Scene 4: Guruvayoor. Vasu is there with his family to offer worship at a temple. As they return from the temple, his mobile phone rings. Sivaji's son Ramkumar is on the line. "Rajnikant is happy about the story which you have told him and he has asked me to produce the film under the banner of Sivaji productions and you are going to direct the film."

Scene 5: Chennai. Sivaji productions becomes busy. A film, starring Rajnikant, is a goldmine for any producer. Ram Kumar is also happy that in their 50th year they are going to release a prestigious film named Chandra Mukhi with Rajnikant and Prabhu in the lead. The film is to be produced by Prabhu as he is a lucky mascot for the Sivaji productions. Prabhu's name first appeared as the producer in the film Mannan in which Rajnikant was the hero. The second film Rajakumaran, also produced by Prabhu was his 100th as an actor. A television serial produced by Prabhu was a hit too. Chandra Mukhi will be his third venture.

Scene 6: The other cast and credits of the film are Vijayakumar, Nasser and Vadivelu and the camera is to be handled by Sekhar Joseph of Okkadu (Telugu version of Gilli). Art is by Thotta Tharani and music by Vidyasagar. But the million-dollar question is who will be the heroine of the movie. Names doing the rounds include those of popular Hindi actresses and stars from the South.

The full cast and credits will be announced on October 1, the birthday of Sivaji Ganesan. The shooting of Chandra Mukhi is scheduled to start on November 1 and due for release on April 14, 2005.

Courtesy : The Hindu


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