Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rajni's power is unabating

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Adding one more feather in its cap is Chandramukhi. The Rajini starrer directed by P Vasu and produced by Sivaji Productions successfully completed its 400th day run in Shanthi Theatres in Chennai.
Perhaps the only movie in the last five decades in Tamil film history to have seen a 400-day run, Chandramukhi seems to go strong even now.
According to the employees of Shanthi Theatre in Chennai where it completed its 400th day run, "We are not simply running the movie for a record. It still manages to draw a sizeable crowd. Such is the power of Rajinikanth. If we are not getting crowds why should we run the movie for such a long time."
Meanwhile Rajini's next Sivaji directed by Shankar is half-through and expectations are already high on the movie.

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Surri said...

From Chandramukhi, all are (...) knows about our Thaliver Power.